Our team consists of highly skilled, proactive, well experienced and very cost effective professionals


We provide assistance in all three key areas to ensure the best possible chance of success

Our 5 Stage Process

It is important for us that our clients get the best from our engagement. Our 5 Stage process ensures that all factors are considered, and the best recommendations are made to our customers.


We start with understanding where you want to go, where you are now and then helping create a plan to go from here to there


In most cases, the lack of cash flowing into the business is the biggest pain-point. Marketing drives sales which, in turn, results in greater cash flow.


A local personal assistant is an important hire. If you make $100 per hour, any time you spent doing admin work is costing you $100, and you’re likely doing it poorly

Small Business

(1 – 5 Staff) Most businesses fail for one or more of the following three reasons.

  1. Not Enough Cash!
  2. Not enough time to do everything
  3. Lack of experience in building a business

Medium Business

(6 – 40 Staff) Major Challenges

  1. Cash flow
  2. Lack of Time
  3. Recruiting and managing Staff

Government / Enterprise

  1. Major Challenges  Staff effectiveness
  2. Recruiting and Managing Staff
  3. Staff inefficiencies
  4. Cost of Back Office staff


We provide a vast range of “Back Office” support services from Virtual assistants to high skilled IT professionals.

Office Administration

Is it becoming increasingly difficult to allocate time to focus on many important tasks that grow your business? We provide a wide range of highly skilled administration assistant that can perform such tasks

Financial Services

Are you spending a lot of time on bookkeeping and accounting tasks? We offer General bookkeeping services, Bank reconciliation, Invoice preparation, and Daily records updates, among other financial services.

Marketing and Sales

In order to grow business, marketing is paramount. Marketing generates sales and sales result in revenue. Most small businesses simply do not market or, at the very least, do it ineffectively.

Creative Media & Web Development

Creative Media Services offers customers marketing support through Creative design, Copy-writing, Video production, Animation, Graphic design, Web help-desk and web-based solutions.

IT Support

DyCom's core competence has always been the combination of technology and insight. We can help you find the best technology solutions based on your unique business needs.

Business Development

DyCom works with a team of highly effective local specialist to help manage your business. We make sure that we are there for you every step of the way.


DyCom strives to balance business interests with social responsibility. Read stories of how our team finds ways to give back to society.


Our view is that Australian businesses should employ local staff for high value jobs and outsource the lower value or repetitive jobs to a more flexible and cost effective workforce. Our team is sourced from Australia, the United States and the Philippines.


  • I highly recommend Dycom SmartStaff. Our website was a real challenge as we deal with new and used goods and need to update regularly. Nothing, great or small, has been any trouble when dealing with Web Service. They are quick, efficient, courteous, friendly, reliable, knowledgeable and creative.
  • DyCom SmartStaff has been an integral part of our own web development business. They have been a part of a number of major projects that we have done, and have always been willing and totally competent.
  • DyCom SmartStaff is great to work with – always has great suggestions and is always willing to go the extra 9 yards to help! I recommend them highly.