The Jack Fruit Man – Mark Stecher

The Jack Fruit Man

We recently visited Wawa dam for a relaxing day on the water with a picnic. Whilst we were having lunch I noticed a middle aged man picking up a large bag of Jackfruit and carrying it off into the distance on his shoulders down the mountain. To pick the bag up seem to take quite an effort – he had to lift the bag onto some other bags sitting there and then crouch down, arrange the back onto the small of his back and then attached a headband that was connected to the bag.

About 45 minutes later he re-appeared and repeated the process. We asked someone how heavy the bags were and they informed us that they were about 80 Kgs which I didn’t believe. This man was smaller than me and although toned, probably only weighed about 65 kgs. When he returned we decided to talk to him and it turns out that he gets about 40 Php or just over $1 for each bag he delivers and it takes him about an hour for the return trip. After that I decided to test how heavy the bag was and yes, indeed, they were about 80 Kgs. On the way down the mountain, we caught him on the return trip and gave him some money to brighten his day. That certainly brightened his day!