Brightened Someone’s Night – Jereza Bondad

Brightened Someone’s Night

Five Hundred pesos (or 15AUD) may be of little value to most of us, but for some people it means so much to them. Jayvee Oliva was on of those who value even the junk/garbage that people throw in a Trash Drum near our apartment. He collected junk every night from 9:30-10:30PM so that he can sell it and buy food for his family. He’s 16 years old, eldest among his siblings. Jayvee was suppose to be in Grade 10 but due to severe poverty he’s still in Grade 6.

These kind of people struggle to provide even a simple food in their table. I am so grateful that through DyCom’s generosity I had the chance to be an instrument to brighten up their day and provide them probably almost a week supply of food. Using that money, I bought grocery supplies like Canned goods, Noodles, Snacks and toiletries for this boy and his family. When I handed the bags of groceries, his eyes beamed with overflowing gratitude. That moment, I have felt so very grateful for even the smallest blessings I received from God. The most wonderful thing I’ve learned from this experience is that our happiness is doubled when we see other’s needs and share.