Eddie Boy – by Michael Marino

Eddie Boy

Edwardo was a 16-year-old boy from our village. He is widely known as Eddie Boy the Pandesal vendor. Every morning of every day routine he roams around the village to sell pandesal to every household. One morning, while I was outside, Eddie Boy passed by our house. One boy of his age emerged from the neighborhood to buy Pandesal from him. The two seems to be good friends as they made a chit-chat. I wasn’t really paying any attentions to their jokes when I overheard their conversation something about their school. The boy from the neighborhood told Eddie Boy, ”You should really pass the project today or else ma’am will fail you in our subject.” Eddie Boy was explaining something in his low voice and his friend simply shrugged and left.
Eddie Boy ten turned to me and asked If I were to buy Pandesal from him or not. By asking few questions, I learned that Eddie Boy has been raising himself as early as he was 8 years old. He has to work in his early age to support his education and everyday finances. His problem as of now was actually about their school project where he has to spend 150 php. “Good thing,” he jokingly said, “I was born alone. Or else I may not be able to go to school at all.”
Taken with his nonchalant but obviously bitter emotion, I bought a 100 php Pandesal to him. I handed him a five-hundred peso bill and didn’t asked for change. Perhaps, I will not forget how surprised he looked that morning. And how he sincerely thanked me was one of the best thing I’ve ever experienced in my life.