The Flower Girl – by Michael Marino


It was late in the afternoon last Feb. 5 when I came out of Megamall in Ortigas, Pasig City. I saw a little girl, probably around 7 years old, selling Sampaguita flower by the sidewalk of the parking space. She looked clean, her clothes don’t look tampered and isn’t ripped as well, but I noticed her slippers were almost gaping at her soles. Plus I realized that the little girl was actually deaf.
She was knocking by the car windows offering the flowers to drivers when she saw me. Her eyes, I can never forget how her eyes looked back at me then. They were large, innocent eyes that stared back at me. I could tell how much she knew of life’s struggles and burdens. I could very well imagine that this little kid hardly ever go to school. But what melted my heart was when she gave me a small and awkward smile as she offered me the Sampaguita.
And so I bought some of the flowers and even handed her a hundred peso bill in cash. Good thing I had taken out a burger and McFloat in McDo and I gave it to her, too. I could see from her face her disbelief and happiness. And I realized, a simple act of kindness would mean everything to someone — like this little girl.