Local Workers

In the past it has been difficult to provide a workforce with the opportunity to work remotely from the office. In the past five to ten years communications technology has moved at an incredible rate and secure, high speed, reliable access to corporate applications, data, phone and video is a reality. This means that the ability for workers to work from wherever they are is more possible. There are huge opportunities for Australian businesses to tap into a previously under under-utilised and highly skilled workforce. Some examples are:

Home based workers

There are many people who are unable to come to the tradition office environment, however, are able to provide excellent skills and experience to companies willing to take them on. From parents who need to be home based to look after children to people with disabilities or people who live in remote locations where there is not much work available – there is a wealth of skill and experience available. The ability to be able to work effectively from home or to come into the office on a part time basis provides employment to this sector and also provides businesses with a cost effective and flexible workforce.

Generation Y

The younger generations have seen large corporations collapse and people with years of loyalty to their employers end up with nothing. They are less loyalty to the organisation and want flexibility and opportunity and they want it now. They are typically much more focussed on what is in it for them. Companies that recognise this and embrace it will prosper and tap into the potential of the generations coming through

Older unemployed workers

There are an increasing number of older workers who are losing their jobs and having difficulties getting jobs. One of the interesting characteristics of the Australian job market is that that we value younger more inexperienced workers and disregard the years of experience of the older workforce. Providing the ability for older workers to work more flexibly and remotely will provide savvy businesses to tap in to hitherto untapped potential.


Many people are working for their retirement. The fact is that retirement is somewhat over-rated. Sitting on a river bank fishing or going out playing golf loses its appeal after a while. The healthiest and happiest people attribute their good health to a combination of diet, exercise and keeping their brain healthy by doing something worthwhile and challenging. This is another relatively untapped market for some people with excellent experience and skills.