Our 5 Stage Process

1. Evaluate

We aspire to help everyone and it is as important for us as it is for our clients to ensure that we can both benefit from the engagement.  The first meeting is just a short discussion and will definitely not require any cost which means there is no obligation at all. Most often, the first meeting will take about an hour and will focus on defining your goals and how we can help deliver on them.

2. Plan

Our business thrives on helping you grow your business and aim for success.  To help ensure this success, we believe that it is a pivotal thing to engage with you in order to build a robust and distinct strategy.  To do this, we start by working with you to create a strong vision, then progress to do some short to medium term goals.  From there, we methodically assist with a basic business evaluation including an analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT).  Finally, we help create a short to medium term strategy to evolve from the current position in order to achieve the goals that had been set. This process normally takes somewhere between 8 to 10 hours and costs $100.

3. Implement

Once we have created the plan, we will have identified the most significant critical points and have decided on the best strategy to counter them.  The next step is to implement this well-planned strategy.

4. Manage

Many plans and strategies fail because the business owner simply gets caught up in the day to day requirements of the business and tends to stop asserting.  Our primary job is to make certain that we will manage and guide the team around you and make sure that favorable results are achieved.

5. Optimize

Things change.  The circumstances, the environment, the economy, your personal situation or a host of other factors vary over time.  These unpredictable changes can affect the attainment of the goals that have been set.  Thus, it is important to be flexible and set to have periodic meetings to assess progress and optimise or fine tune the operation as required.

We provide assistance in all three key areas to ensure the best possible chance of success :