Key Differences

Local Management

One of the challenges with outsourcing staff is management (particularly if the staff are in other countries). Managing remote local staff can be a challenge enough, managing outsourced staff has its own unique challenges. DyCom addresses this challenge in a number of ways:-

(i) Staff Selection

Staff are carefully selected and we specifically select staff who are very capable of managing themselves.

(ii) Team Leaders

Some of our remote staff are located in the Philippines and the US. We have local team leaders who are there mainly to support our staff to do their jobs.

(iii) Local Management

Even with good staff and good team leaders, there can still be challenges with communication between staff and the client team. In order to ensure that this runs smoothly we have a team located here in Australia who will manage the account and the team.

Local Phone number

All staff are provided with a local Australian Phone number from the state that your business resides. We have a state of the art VoIP phone system that allows our staff to be connected via our central PABX wherever they are in the world.

Work Continuity

Settling staff into a new job is generally an expensive process whether they are full time, contractors or an outsourced labour force. One of the big challenges of typical outsourced staff is that they tend to move around a lot. At DyCom we pride ourselves on paying our staff better than anyone else, offering them a host of benefits that other organisations do not and making sure they are part of our team. As a result we have staff that are proactive, enthusiastic and stay with the organisation for the long term. This enables our clients to create a relationship with their team and ultimately.

Selection process

Our staff are all individually selected. The first assessment is their technical skills and then personality and attitude and finally English communication. All staff have NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) Security clearance and have excellent references and backgrounds. We pay well and so are fortunate to be able to select from the best.

Interview, Select and train

Selecting staff is always a challenge in any business. Even using a recruitment organisation has its drawbacks. DyCom’s process is to have a team leader come in and scope the job, then create the training materials if there are none and from that create a detailed job specification and finally select an appropriate staff member. We will then train them and induct them into the business.

Data Security

One of the DyCom Group of companies is our network integration business, DyCom Business Systems which was founded in 1989 and has significant expertise in data security. All data is located on our client’s network or in our secure data centre and access to and from data is fully encrypted.  There is no option to down load data locally.

Staff Security

Our staff have NBI Security clearance and excellent credentials of integrity and honesty.

Time recording

Some companies have cameras on their staff to ensure that they are working every minute of the day. Whilst we have the capability to do this, it is not part of our company philosophy. We do however have a time recording facility where our staff record what they do and when they do it. This is provided to our clients at the end of the month.

Staff Benefits