This is what we precisely do. We provide expert services with reasonable rates to Australian businesses, both for government and corporate with very proficient, highly skilled, committed and motivated professionals who are either based on site or on remote, whether locally or globally.

Our mission comprises of two key objectives:

1. Help Australian businesses increase their competitive edge

We aim to do this by providing a fully flexible, skilled, cost effective and efficient workforce by sourcing part and full  time professionals both locally and globally.  We have a growing pool of professionals with very diverse skill sets from Australia, the Philippines and the United States.

2. Provide opportunities to a global – skilled workforce

One of our objectives is to provide a practically meaningful work to skilled professionals who have encountered challenges getting work in the standard office environment.  We source these professionals both locally within Australia and from specific international locations such as the United States and the Philippines.


Local resources

We are specifically looking at providing opportunities for skilled professionals who have retired, who may have lost their jobs through downsizing or people such as single parents who prefer to have work from home type positions.  One of the areas many business process outsourcing business struggle is in the management of a culturally diverse workforce.  Australians are well known for good management practices and this is a key area where local workers can add real value.

Global Resources

Most of our overseas remote team are currently coming from the Philippines because they have very good communication skills especially in English, are very well qualified, are very proactive, are easy going, resilient, adaptive and enthusiastic.  We have recently started sourcing part time staff from the US because due to the shortage of work we are able to very competitively source an excellent skill set.